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Kellogg TBM-3E Avenger Plan

Kellogg TBM-3E Avenger Plan


The giant scale TBM-3E Avenger plan set is 1/5.79 scale designed by Charles Kellogg and consists of five large sheets of Auto CAD drawings created from scale three views that clearly illustrate all structure as well as showing installation of flaps and retracts. The TBM-3E Avenger plan shows the installation of Sierra Giant Scale retracts, Flaps and 75cc engine and features three piece wing. The basic structures use conventional “modeling” tools and materials such as balsa and plywood, and the techniques are straightforward; easily accomplished by anyone with previous model building experience.  The plan includes full-size templates for all the required parts allowing you to cut a complete “kit” before you start construction. The plans have a separate instruction guide and building notes on the plans. If you choose gear or an engine not shown on the plans you should have them on hand when you start construction to make any changes needed for mounting. Nick Ziroli Plans recommends covering the airframe with 1 oz fiberglass cloth and ZAP Z-poxy finishing resin and on the elevators, rudder , airlerons use a cloth type covering like Solartex. Scale accessories are also available for the TBM-3E Avenger. through HOLK RC

HOLK RC can also offer the short kit and accessories required to complete this model as well if required. 

  • Tech Specs

    Scale: 1/5.79

    Wingspan: 108 inches , 2,743.2mm

    Length: 80 inches , 2032mm

    Wing area:  1760sq/in

    Weight: 16-18kgs

    Power: 75-80cc Gas

  • Shipping Info

    Shipping costs for Australian residents will be charged at checkout. If you are a customer from outside Australia please contact us for a postage cost and we will happy supply you with the international postage cost. 

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