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  • What is a short kit?
    Typically a short kit includes Wing Ribs, Fuselage formers and Doublers and other strengthing parts that are laid out on the plans. These formers of made of balsawood and plywood. Additional materials like sheeting, stringers, cowls, canopies, undercarriage are not included.
  • Do you supply Full Wood Kits
    We can supply full wood kits. We do offer balsa packs on our website which are the recommended balsa used in the construction of that particular model by the manufacturer. Depending on how you build the model there may be some left over or not quite enough however these are what is recommended by the designer of each model. If the model you are after is not listed please let us know and we can do up a custom pack for your model.
  • Can I get a kit cut from plans I already own but is not listed on the HOLK RC website?
    Absolutey! Please contact us for further information. We may have already converted the plan you are after but it is just not listed. If you are after anything cut from plans you already own please contact us we will be most happy to help you.
  • How long does it take to ship out my short kit?
    Our turnaround is generally extrememly quick. We have in shock a large number of our popular models already cut, packed and ready to post to you. If your kit is not pre cut we generally post your short kit within the week of order. We will keep you informed throughout the process.
  • Can I provide my own Cad files for cutting?
    Yes you can. Please contact us for some very basic requirements that we need.
  • Can I buy composite accessories for my kit from HOLK RC? eg. Cowls, canopies"
    Yes to some suppliers you can. We stock the entire range of Ziroli cowls and accessories as well as Custom Wings accessories. We are in the process of expanding our range. Please contact us with your particular model.
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