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IL-2 Sturmovik Type 3 Short Kit by David Anderson

IL-2 Sturmovik Type 3 Short Kit by David Anderson


David Anderson exact 1/5 scale is his latest design.  The IL-2 Sturmovik is a vary large aircraft with a wingspan of 2.9 meters making it an impressive model at any flying field. Like the other aircraft in the Anderson range the aircraft is fairly easy to construct with this model having a large number of parts, and is an excellent flyer. The full size IL-2 had four machine guns and two heavy rocket cannons that spit forth exploding incendiary shells. It also carries eight 125 pound bombs. The Germans called them "Black Death". 


As with all Anderson designs this model is suitable for R/C competition, a museum static display or everyday enjoyment at your local R/C flying field.  The Aircaft like other Anderson Designs can have a two piece fuselage for easy transport. It also features a 3 piece wing on wing tubes. 


This short kits consists of all of the plywood and balsa ribs and formers as set out on the plan. 

  • Product Info

    The Ilyushin IL-2  Sturmovik was a ground attack aircraft produced by the Soviet Unuin un karge numbers during the Second World War. The IL-2 was never given an official name during its life in operation. There were a total of 36,813 IL-2 produced.  There are only 3 left in airworthyness in the world with another couple being restored to flying condition. 

    This laser cut short kit includes all formers and wing ribs as shown on the plan in plywood and balsawood. 

    HOLK RC is a Dave Anderson approved dealer and we can also supply plans to this model as well and balsa wood for sheeting.

  • Tech Specs

    Scale: 1:5

    Wingspan: 114 inches , 2900mm

    Length: 90 inches , 2860mm

    Weight: 15.9kgs

    Power 70cc to 100cc

  • Shipping Info

    Shipping costs for Australian residents will be charged at checkout. If you are a customer from outside Australia please contact us for a postage cost and we will happy supply you with the international postage cost. 

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