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ElectroDynamics Pow'r Back'R

ElectroDynamics Pow'r Back'R

SKU: EDR-108

The ElectroDynamic Pow'R Back'R EDR-108 uses two 6.0 - 6.6V Battery Packs and two Switches which can be purchased seperately to provide Dual-Redundant security for your aircraft system.

With the Pow'R Back'R, you can tolerate a single failure (open-circuit, short-circuit, low voltage) in either battery pack, switch, or battery wiring, without losing radio control.

The Pow'R Back'R continually monitors both battery packs and switches for the one with the higher voltage, and routes that to your Rx and servos. Pow'R Back'R is still the ONLY Redundant Battery system currently on the market that offers TRUE "ground isolation" between the two batteries.

You may combine different size packs. In practice, with two good packs, the system draws power equally from both packs, adding their individual capacities.
I.e., if Battery #1 is a 6V/600mAH pack, and Battery #2 is a 6V/1200mAH pack, you will have an 1800mAH power supply onboard, with at least 600mAH to fly on, in case of a failure.  

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    ElectroDynamics, makers of a diverse array of electronics for modelers and offers this very handy adapter called the ED-102 One-Clik Multi-Connex. for 2 servos.  Designed to reduce the hassle of connecting multiple servo leads when joining wings at the field, the One-Clik Multi-Connex reduces time and the chance of pinching a servo wire when bolting up a wing.

    The wiring is 20AWG multi-strand super-flex cable to last the lifetime of your model. The connection snaps together to eliminate the chance of coming apart, even in high-vibration applications such as giant-scale gas planes. Rated at 3-amps continuous power, ElectroDynamics states they are good for 10,000+ insertion cycles.

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