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F-104 1/8th Short Kit by HOLK RC

F-104 1/8th Short Kit by HOLK RC


This is the Short kit for the HOLK RC 1/8th scale F-104 Starfighter. The short kit for the F-104 consists of a complete set of laser cut balsa and plywood formers and ribs as laid out on the plans which will enable to construction of this model. It also includes A3 scaled down drawings of the plans so that you can see the construction method and what is required. The HOLK RC F-104 is built over a jig where all of the formers are placed to ensure the correct angle and spacing. By doing this it makes the construction extremely simple and it is very fast to construct the basic frame of the aircraft.   The F-104 features a plug in wings and shows the installation of retracts and flaps. The short kit also includes tip tanks as part of the short kit which can be added or removed depending on the modellers requirements. The tip tanks do however aid in the stability of the flying model. The basic structures use conventional “modeling” tools and materials such as balsa and plywood, and the techniques are straightforward; easily accomplished by anyone with previous model building experience. 

  • Tech Specs

    Scale: 1/8

    Wingspan: 43.94 inches , 1116mm

    Length: 78.5 inches , 1995mm (without pitot tube)

    Wing area:  sq/in

    Weight: 6-9kgs

    Power: 100-120mm edf or 6-8kg turbine

  • Shipping Info

    Shipping costs for Australian residents will be charged at checkout. If you are a customer from outside Australia please contact us for a postage cost and we will happy supply you with the international postage cost. 

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