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Perma-Grit Boxed Kit of 5 Rotary Burrs Course

Perma-Grit Boxed Kit of 5 Rotary Burrs Course


The Perma-Grit small rotary boxed kit includes 4 Rotary Burrs and 1 Cutting Disc 32mm cutting disc with shaft / arbour. 

Designed to fit Dremel, PRoxxon & Flexi drive drills.


Rotary shaft / arbor 3.1 mm (1/8").


Included Rod RF6C, Narrow Cone RF1C, Drum RF-3C, Pancake RF4C & RD2 32 mm Cutting Disc with arbor.


Smart Perma-Grit Red & Black Box with carbon fibre effect insert.


Five of the most popular shapes.

Our Rotaries have an integral arbor, enabling them to be used in reversible drive tools. They allow the user to cut a wide range of materials quickly and cleanly leaving an excellent finish. All rotaries are ideal for routing, shaping and removing materials without tearing or clogging.Use on all Woods, Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre, PCB, Kevlar, Plexiglas, Lexan, Perspex, Acrylics, Plastics, Polystyrene, Ceramics etc.

Excellent on Perspex, Plexiglass, Lexon, use below 10,000 RPM and they will not melt, crack or chip them. (not recommended for use on metal)

Note Rotaries should be fully inserted in to the chuck and tightened before using.  Maximum RPM 20,000 Low - Medium.

SAFETY:- Always wear protective goggles when using Rotary Tools.

IMPORTANT:- Carbon Fibre should not be cut using an electric drill, because of the possibility of electrocution.

  • Product Info

    Perma-Grit Small 5 Rotary Boxed Kit Course

    The 5 Boxed small rotary kit includes 4 rotary burrs and 1 cutting disc. They are specifically designed to fit Dremel, Proxxon and Flexi drive drills. 

    The kit Includes:

    RF6C - Rod

    RF1C - Narrow Cone

    RF-3C - Drum

    RF4C - Pancake

    RD2 - 32mm Cutting Disc with Arbour

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