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Futuba PS-10 Regulator 5.2V

Futuba PS-10 Regulator 5.2V


The Futuba PS-10 is a step down regulator and allows the use of a 4.8V servo with a high voltage (HV) 2.4GHz radio system.  The PS-10 steps the servo voltage down to 5.2V. The PS-10 is only to be used with 2.4Ghz systems. 



- Futuba PS-10 Regulator with connectors

- Instruction Sheet.


- Installation between the battery and HV compatible receiver or gyro


Do not connect the PS-10 between the receiver and the servo. THe receiver may operate erroneously due to insufficient capacity and fail to control the model. 

If using a power switch, always connect switch between battery and PS-10.

If using multiple servo's, care must be taken not to exceed the 7A continuous current rating.

  • Tech Specs

    Main Application: ower supply for 4.8V rating receiver and servos

    Input Voltage: 6.0v to 12.6v 

    Operating Voltage: 5.2v

    Rated Output Current: 7A,  Maximum 12A for 30 seconds

    Dimensions: 35.6 x 20.5 x 10mm

    Weight: 14.9 Grams

    Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 45 degrees C


  • Shipping Info

    Shipping costs for Australian residents will be charged at checkout. If you are a customer from outside Australia please contact us for a postage cost and we will happy supply you with the international postage cost. 

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