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Futuba Battery Checker BR2000

Futuba Battery Checker BR2000


The Futuba BR2000 battery checker is not just a battery voltage meter. The BR2000 puts a load on your receiver pack at the field. It cal also discharge your battery as well, leaving it in a safe state to recharge again. Its battery maintenance made easy. 

To check receiver packs with the BR2000 discharger/cycler you simply connect the pack, set for 4.8/6.0/7.2v and push the putton. Red (Danger), Orange (caution), Green (Attention) and Blue (Safe) zones on a circular grapg clearly indicating voltae status.


Holding the button down for three seconds initiates discharge function, with a current load adjustable from 1 to 3 (slow to fast) Amps. A built in fan helps keep the unit cool whilst discharging. Automatically shuts off when discharging or cycling is complete.

LCD display is backlit in red when checking and blue backlight means discharging operation. 

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  • Tech Specs

    Input Voltage: 4.8v to 7.2v DC (4-6 Cells)

    Operating Voltage: 3v

    Suitabe Batteries: Ni-Cd, NiMH, Li-Ion rechargable batteries

    Discharge Current: 1A to 3A

    Cut off: 0.9v/Cell

    Display: LCD with backlight

    Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 30mm

    Weight: 125 Grams

    Over temperature protection and cooling fan


  • Shipping Info

    Shipping costs for Australian residents will be charged at checkout. If you are a customer from outside Australia please contact us for a postage cost and we will happy supply you with the international postage cost. 

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