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EMCOTEC DPSI Gas Cap Switch Actuator 90cm

EMCOTEC DPSI Gas Cap Switch Actuator 90cm

SKU: A18081

DPSI Gas Cap Switch Actuator 90cm


icely shaped switch actuator for DPSI dual power supplies. Generates On/Off signal for the electronically switch in the corresponding system.


Turning On/Off is done with external magnet.


An inserted magnet means consumer is off, removing it turns it on.


The magnet is automatically tightened inside the DPSI gas cap switch actuator due to the magentic force. The operating system is indicated by a bright shining red ring.


Error states or battery low voltage are indicated by blink codes via the red ring.


Absolutely fail safe system concept due to a combination of reed switch and hall sensor.


Compatible DPSI dual power supplies

  • Battery backer DPSI 2001 RV
  • Battery backer DPSI 2001 RV Version 2014
  • Battery backer DPSI 2010 RV
  • DPSI RV Mini battery backers
  • Battery backer DPSI 2018
  • Tech Specs


    DPSI gas cap switch actuator with 90cm (35.43in), connection cable, 1 switching magnet, 1 key ring, 6 stainless steel screws and 1 counter flange.


    Note: The switching off process of DPSI works with a hall effect sensor. Hall effect sensors can be influenced by magnet fields. It is possible that the DPSI switches off when exposed to a very strong magent field (i.g. electric drive). Current-carrying cables generate a magnet field. So please run all cables which are carrying a high current (>100A) with a distance of at least 3cm (1.18in) from the switch acutator.



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