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EMCOTEC DPSI Ampere Gas Cap Switch Actuator

EMCOTEC DPSI Ampere Gas Cap Switch Actuator

SKU: A15032

DPSI Ampere Gas Cap Switch Actuator


Optional switch actuator for the DPSI Ampere (Item no A15020). With the switch actuator the dual power supply DPSI Ampere can be switched on and off by inserting the magnet.


The switch actuator can be mounted e. g. to the airplane's fuselage from the inside.


Notice: The DPSI Ampere pin switch actuator is only suitable for the dual power supply DPSI Ampere. It cannot be used with a different system.


  • Tech Specs


    • Generates On/Off signal for the electronically switch in the corresponding system but does not switch power
    • Turning On/Off is done with external magnet
    • The magnetically actuator is automatically tightened in its "Gas Cap" by means of magnetically force
    • The operating system is indicated by a bright shining light ring
    • Absolute fail safe system concept due to a combination of Reed-Switch and Hall Sensor
    • Mounting diameter is 15.5mm installation depth is 35mm



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