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ByLoudDesign P-3 Orion Plans

ByLoudDesign P-3 Orion Plans


This is the full sie plans for the ByLoudDesign P-3 Orion. This plans consists 12 very large sheets and 1 A1 sheet. The plans are clearly laid out and clearly show all requirements and parts to build this great model. The plans show the installation of fowler flaps, retracts, operational bomb bay with a large capacity, the installation of 4 electric motors and basic cockpit.  


The giant scale P-3 Orion is 1/10th making it 120 inches or 3048mm wingspan and 152inches or 3872mm long fuz. The P-3 Orion is designed with plug in wings and a two piece fuselage that joins just behind the wings. This is a very large model aircraft. The basic structures use conventional “modeling” tools and materials such as balsa and plywood, and the techniques used make the construction of this model extremely simple. This model is easily accomplished by anyone with previous model building experience.


  • Product Info

    Full size plans of model at 1:10th scale

    Wingspan: 3048mm or 120inches

    Length: 3872mm or 152.437inches

    Plans: 12 sheets 841 x 1981.2mm and 1 sheet 840 x 594

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    Shipping TBA

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